Developing Hopeexists to make disciples by sharing the good news of Jesus and providing ways for people to grow spiritually and make more disciples.

We do this through caring for orphans and their communities in dangerous countries where there are few, if any, resources to provide for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs.

By becoming a General Sponsor we can:

  • Support the girls' home.
  • Set up a sewing center.
  • Free slaves.
  • Provide aftercare.
  • Protect persecuted Christians in hostile environments.
  • Provide immediate help in disasters.
  • Promote interfaith dialogue.

$25, $50, $100
or more

By becoming a Monthly Child Sponsor we can:

Cover the costs for any 4 areas of a child's life:

  • Home
  • Medical
  • Education
  • Nutrition

$35 monthly donation allows you to pay for on of these areas.

$140 monthly donation allows you to fully sponsor a child in all 4 areas.

$35 or $140